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Workplace Wellness Initiative

9 in 10

employees report that their workplace stress affects their mental health.

Over 65%

of employees find it difficult to concentrate because of their work environment.

Nearly 3 in 5

employees feel that their employer does not provide a safe environment for employees who live with mental illness. 

Help your team achieve Workplace Wellness!

Create healthy workplace environments and positive workplace culture to increase overall team mental health wellness, productivity, and team cohesion.

What is your team facing?

Keeping mental health in mind at the workplace can increase productivity and creativity. It can also decrease turnover and sick time. The overall health of our teams plays a vital role in the success of organizational missions. Take time to recognize the mental health needs of your team and eliminate stigma within the workplace. 

Let MHA-Greater Dallas help you create a plan to serve your needs!

  • Avoid employee burnout.
  • Establish supervisor support.
  • Adapt to new routines.
  • Create a safe environment for people with mental health conditions.


Mental Health America of Greater Dallas performs a complimentary program consultation to provide a customized Workplace Wellness plan of action. We then utilize our professional resources and network to help organizations develop mental health wellness within their teams.  We then provide you with a dedicated contact, a detailed timeline of events, weekly updates on the project’s status, and offer support and answer questions that may arise on their wellness journey.  

Cultivating a Healthy Workplace

2022 Mind the Workplace Report on the state of workplace mental health.

Are you looking for new and innovative ways to bring mental health into the workplace?

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Mental Health America Bell Seal

Bell Seal Workplace Wellness

MHA is proud to introduce the Bell Seal for Workplace Mental Health, a certification program that recognizes employers who are committed to creating mentally healthy workplaces.

The Bell Seal considers both the 1 in 5 employees who will experience a mental health condition each year and the 5 in 5 employees who benefit from a worker-friendly, highly productive, and psychologically safe workplace.

Through the certification process, employers will have the opportunity to discuss the relationship between mental health and the following goals:


  • Attract potential employees and increase retention;
  • Improve employee engagement and productivity;
  • Reduce health care costs and lost revenue due to poor workplace mental health;
  • Address concerns with presenteeism and absenteeism;
  • Reduce the rate of employee turnover; and
  • Identify gaps and learn about resources to support employee mental health.