Policy & Advocacy

Impacting local and state policy through advocacy and support.

MHA Dallas focuses on local and county governments in our region, the Texas Legislature and the U.S. Congress, through advocacy. We provide policymakers at all levels with educational materials, research, testimony at hearings, and advice about issues related to mental health.

Community advocacy efforts include:

  • Convening area stakeholders to discuss issues related to mental health.
  • Setting policy priorities.
  • Educating the public about policy issues related to mental health.
  • Training individuals and groups on effective techniques for communicating with policymakers.
  • The Coalition on Mental Illness
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Mental Health Policy

What we fight for...

Mental Health America of Greater Dallas [MHA - Dallas] – founded in 1938 – is the state’s leading community-based nonprofit dedicated to promoting mental wellness through community education and policy advocacy.

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