Mothers and Babies


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Mothers and Babies

The Mothers and Babies course is a 5-week free program that reduces stress and promotes healthy mood management. The program focuses on:

  • Tools and support for pregnant and new moms to help manage stress.
  • Promotes healthy bonding with your baby.
  • Encourages healthy communication and social support.
  • Techniques and activities to help babies learn.

Pregnancy and having a new child in the home can be an exciting time. It also can be a stressful time due to a variety of reasons. Most women experience stress during pregnancy and after delivery—for some, this stress is manageable but for many women the stress can be overwhelming and can lead to depression, anxiety, and challenges in taking care of a new child. Mothers and Babies is an evidence-based program developed by Northwestern University that is guided by cognitive behavioral therapy and attachment therapy to prevent postpartum depression.

Mothers and Babies should not be used as a replacement to treatment but used in connection with treatment.

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Through one-on-one and group formats, Mothers and Babies promotes “parent-infant bonding” by supporting and engaging with families, teaching how to cope with stress, and implementing interactive bonding activities for expectant, new, and seasoned mothers.

You will learn:

  • 1 Information about having a mentally healthy pregnancy and healthy bonding with your child; we don't touch on child development, just mental health for mothers which promotes strong healthy bonding with the baby.
  • 2 Tools for mood and interaction with your baby to create an emotionally & physically healthy reality for them.
  • 3 Manage life stress and improve your mood.
Mothers & Babies

For maximum benefit we recommend participants attend all 5 sessions of the program. Registration is required.

To learn more, contact Holly Brousseau at, or our Spanish Facilitator, Anita Valle, at

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