Together, we can

The problem of stigma and the lack of social inclusion is a terrible injustice. Stigma is the largest single barrier to mental health treatment – it keeps people with severe mental illness isolated and presents challenges to anyone seeking to improve their mental health. But it’s not always from other people. Self-stigma is also a concern for many people struggling with mental health issues.

MHA Dallas rejects stigma and calls upon everyone to rally together and fight this dangerous problem. We ask all members of our community to:

  • Be careful with your language. Always refer to the person first, never the disease.
  • Confront stigmatizing language, bullying and images where you see them.
  • Keep the individual in mind and include various perspectives. Add people with a mental illness to your planning team or committee.
  • Foster connections between people who have illnesses and those who don’t.
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Together we can make a difference to combat stigma and reduce its impact in our area.

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