Diversity, Equity & Inclusion | Mental Health Diversity & Inclusion Taskforce

Mental Health Diversity & Inclusion Taskforce

Pledge to work against racism, interpersonal racism, and institutional racism in all their forms.

During 2020’s social unrest, MHA-Greater Dallas’s Coalition on Mental Illness formed the Mental Health Diversity & Inclusion Taskforce whose membership of North Texas-based organizations, agencies, and advocates meet monthly. The Taskforce is charged to create a Community Solutions Report to eliminate racism and its impact on mental health.

Committee Charges

The Mental Health Diversity & Inclusion Taskforce hopes to reduce and eliminate racism and discrimination in all forms throughout the community. To achieve this, the taskforce will be divided into working committees tasked to explore and create recommendations based on community needs for eliminating racism and discrimination within their area of expertise.

All committees are charged to complete these tasks with the goal of improving the mental health wellness of Black, Indigenous, People of Color, LGBTQ+, and disabled communities through providing opportunity, education and the elimination of mental health stigma. All committees are charged to provide leadership, including a strategic framework to advance an anti-racism agenda, address racial/ethnic inequities, and reconcile the importance of social justice causes through a lens of mental health.

The Duties of all Committees include the following:

  • Motivate thought leadership, recognizing and acknowledging the impact of injustices that have impacted racial and ethnic minorities and their mental health;
  • Collaborate with MHA of Greater Dallas and stakeholder organizations that support antiracism, equity, and social justice causes through the illumination of opportunities focused on community mental health, education, and advocacy;
  • Identify best practices and recommend gaps in anti-racism, equity, and social justice resources, tools, research, partnerships, funding, or programs to inform future initiatives and programs that further expand MHA of Greater Dallas’ reach;
  • Advance the intersectionality of mental health as it relates to discrimination, poverty, stigma, racism, and overall social and economic determinants of health;
  • Recommend guidance to ensure messaging related to health equity and access to mental health are integrated through policies and position statements that support the recognition of underserved and marginalized communities and populations.

The Taskforce meets on the third Thursday of each month. Please email for more information.